Spring Clean Your Skincare Routine

As you start your annual deep spring cleaning in your homes that goes far beyond all that stubborn dirt, it’s also time to give your skin the TLC and transition your skincare routine from winter to spring.

Keep your skin’s GLOW by using lighter products and tailoring your skincare routine based on your skin’s reaction to the new season.

Here are some spring skincare hacks to keep your skin fresh and gleaming all spring long:


Switch to a lighter moisturizer and your skin will appreciate it more. The weather in Spring makes your skin prone to dehydration and skin irritation, and going lightweight is just the right fix. 

Combat that spring weather with Aloe Unique’s 2 in 1 Light Facial Lotion. It’s a hydrating moisturizer infused with the nourishing elements of Aloe Ferox, and Vitamins A, B, C, and E. 

Quench your skin’s need for immediate hydration as these products are guaranteed lightweight and suitable for all skin types.


If you’re one of those who gets seasonal allergies and occasional itchies  (especially in Spring), our Bitter Aloe Gel + Aloe Gel is your best friend. 

This TLC dynamic duo staple is an all-around gel that contains a concentration of 99% pure Aloe Ferox gel plus moisture-grabbing glycerine and anti-irritant Allantoin. This will help relieve your skin’s itch and irritation, leaving it smooth, nourished, and glowing.


The weather change is another factor as to why your skin gets irritated during Spring. As things start to heat up, cool down with Aloe Unique’s Clarifying Toner

Use it as a mist to refresh and calm your skin. It contains powerful antioxidants, with potent purifier Witch Hazel and anti-irritant Allantoin infused with our Aloe Ferox formula. See instant results as it hydrates, relieves redness and blemishes and shrinks the appearance of pores. 

Guard your lips from environmental exposure 

Lip care is a part of skincare! Who doesn’t hate chapped lips, right? 

As your skin becomes prone to dehydration, so do your lips. Besides chugging on H2O, be sure to keep your lips moisturized and protected with Aloe Lip Balm. It contains SPF 15 to shield your lips from the sun as it softens and plumps your lips.  

Bust out your inner Marie Kondo  

Lastly, we’re going to ask you to bring out all your makeup from your kit. Go on, lay it all out and see which one of those are you REALLY using on a regular basis. How many of them are expired? How many of them do you not intend on using anymore? 

Decluttering your kit is a part of the satisfaction when you first bought them. Yep! It’s time to let some of them go. You can always shop for new ones that will fit your skin’s Spring needs and possibly your latest taste in fashion, too! 

Now that you know how to spring clean your skincare routine, don’t forget to stock up on your favorite Aloe Unique Skincare stash and never run out! 

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Let us know how you like these skincare hacks and don’t forget to share it with a friend, too!