Thanksgiving in October: Tips on How to Practice Gratitude and Self-Care

What are the things you are grateful for right now?

Not tomorrow, not in a few weeks or in a month, but right now.

It’s easy to find things that are wrong in your life, but have you taken a moment today just to be thankful for everything that’s right?

When you live with awareness and intention, such as a conscious decision to notice things you’re grateful for, it allows you to focus on what truly matters and gives you the right mindset to conquer day-to-day life. When you practice grateful living as a way of life, you take care of yourself better and you will be able to give more to yourself and others.

Living life with gratitude comes with a lot of scientifically proven benefits such as:
🍃 Improved Physical and Mental Health
🍃 More Happiness
🍃 Better Relationships
🍃 Less Aggression and More Empathy Toward Others
🍃 Improved Sleep
🍃 Improved Self-Esteem
🍃 Greater Resilience
🍃 Reduced Anxiety

Research also shows that people who live with gratitude are more optimistic and satisfied with their lives. Thanksgiving, then, is both self-care and community care.

Here are 3 easy ways to practice thanksgiving every day:

1. Every night, make a list of things that you feel grateful for.

Keep a small notebook or journal by your bedside and write all the positive things that happened throughout the day or even the negative things that taught you something. This habit will help you concentrate on the brighter side of things and focus on the lessons that obstacles teach you.

2. Learn to thank people.

When you practice voicing out your gratitude and thanking people for their contributions, even small ones, you learn to appreciate everything in your life. It also helps people feel appreciated for the work that they do. Plus, It never hurts to do something a little extra to put a smile on somebody’s face when they see how sincerely grateful you are!

3. Tell yourself that you've done great + Practice self-care.

When was the last time you appreciated yourself for doing the best you could? Have you thanked your body for helping you function well today? For keeping you healthy? Reminding yourself you’re doing a great job every now and then will help you feel better and optimistic throughout your journey.

One way to do this is to be grateful while doing your nightly skincare routine. At the end of your day, say 3 things you are grateful for while you wash away all the impurities from your skin and cleanse away the dirt using our Gentle Cleansing Cream. It’s a rich, hydrating formula of natural oils and Aloe gel that nourishes the skin and can be used as an eye makeup remover.

After cleansing, spritz some positivity into your skin with our Clarifying toner and then revitalize your tired, and moisture-depleted skin after a hard day’s work with our Aloe & Honey Gel Mask. It has an ultra-hydrating, anti-oxidant blend with Honey and Aloe Ferox that leaves skin pristine, soft, and glowing. Leave on for 10-20 minutes, then rinse off thoroughly with warm water.

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