Why You Should Start Using a Face Serum In Your Thirties

When you turn into your 30s, a lot changes in your skin — your hormone levels start to decrease and the rate of collagen and elastin production lowers. The little sleep you had in your 20s might start to catch up with you and your skin doesn’t bounce back quite as quickly as it used to. You’ll notice that your skin becomes sluggish and drier, probably some discoloration, skin not as firm, and wrinkles will start to form…

The 30s, then, are a great time to really take a closer look at your skin care regimen and make sure that you start using products that are meant for your age group.

Essential skin care products in your 20s usually start with a gentle cleanser and a good moisturizer. As you turn into your 30s, there are certain ingredients in your skincare products that are more important than others, especially when your skin is undergoing changes as you age. It is a good idea to incorporate highly concentrated face serums to address your fine lines, dark spots, and loss of elasticity. 

Good skincare is the foundation of youthful-looking skin. You don’t have to invest in expensive products, but you should invest in good, clean, and natural products that work.

Here are the TOP 6 HIGHLY RECOMMENDED CONCENTRATED SERUMS that you should start using in your 30’s…


To reduce the appearance of existing hyperpigmentation and to protect the skin from photodamage and pollutants that cause dark spots and premature aging, use our Brighten Ampoules two times a day to fight the free radicals that cause the cell damage and to even out your skin tone.



Improve the overall condition of your skin with this anti-aging serum, our Resurface Ampoules, containing Retinol.

Retinol exfoliates the skin, increases skin cell turnover, and stimulates collagen synthesis. It’s the gold standard for its anti-aging and skin clearing benefits. This serum prevents cell damage from pollution, UV, and oxidative stress.



Instead of getting the traditional Botox treatment that may cause several side effects, such as an allergic reaction, bruising, swelling, and headaches, not to mention it is costly. Consider going the natural route with our face rejuvenating lift that is an all-natural, anti-wrinkle serum, Lift Ampoules. It lessens the appearance of expression wrinkles and lines and reduces wrinkle depth by 17% in 15 days and decreases skin roughness significantly.



The thin skin around your eyes is typically the first to show signs of aging. Give your eyes a lift with a concentrated rejuvenating serum like our Eye Ampoules. It prevents and reduces the formation of expression wrinkles and the liquid accumulation responsible for puffiness and dark circles. It also improves skin elasticity, targeting a major cause of bags under the eyes.




Preserve hydration and produce a long-term plumping effect with our lip serum, Smile Ampoules. This concentrated serum boosts collagen synthesis that rejuvenates the lip contour and reduces lipstick lines. It also offers protection from free radicals, reducing damage from the sun, pollution, and smoke.



Our Firm Ampoules anti-aging serum regenerates collagen and elastin to give skin its firmness. It strengthens skin, reducing sagging and wrinkle depth, and also protects skin against dryness, particularly due to extreme cold. It also has key elements in the formation of elastin and collagen that make your skin looks significantly more structured and is better able to resist the effects of aging.


To see optimal results, use all our serums twice a day before your moisturizer.

PRO TIP: Use a face roller after applying your serum for better absorption and to help boost circulation, reduce puffiness, and temporarily tighten the skin.