Why Choose Aloe Ferox Over Aloe Vera?

If you love skincare, you know Aloe Vera. But are you familiar with its ‘cousin’, Aloe Ferox?

While browsing the beauty and skincare aisles and skimming over the ingredients list, you may have come across these ingredients. Did it make you wonder what the difference between the two is - since they are both Aloes? The answer is huge, and here’s why.

Aloe Vera has become one of the most popular and widely used ingredients in the skincare and cosmetic industry and is heavily cultivated around the world. It is very common and can be found everywhere.

Aloe Ferox, on the other hand, is indigenous to South Africa and grows wild in its natural habitat without the use of pesticides and artificial fertilizers. It is also free-range harvested using ancient methods. It is rich in amino acids (the building blocks for new cells which make up healthy skin) and contains double the amount compared to Aloe Vera. Aloe Ferox also has 20x more bitter sap (contains Aloin, an anti-oxidant and viral stimulant known for its healing properties) which makes it much more potent than Aloe Vera.

Both the chemical composition from the leaves or the gel (which is the part of the plant used in skincare) also differs. In Aloe Ferox, the bitter Aloin is found just under the skin and can be easily separated from the gel-like inner leaf. However, in Aloe Vera, the Aloin is found throughout the leaf and is extracted via a chemical process. Aloe Ferox, unlike Aloe Vera, NEVER has to be filtered. This means it retains all the naturally present active plant chemicals. Aloe Ferox is also cold-pressed – no heat means, no degradation of the natural plant botanicals.

Aloe Ferox, then, is the ideal choice between the two Aloes because it is more effective and best suited for your skin. Nowadays, people are seeking more transparent brands that promote clean and eco-friendly beauty. We are passionate about creating products that have powerful benefits and are 100% natural, clean, and scientific.

We asked a few people about Aloe Ferox and these are their reactions.

Be sure to have the power of Aloe Ferox with you at all times through Aloe Gel and experience its magical benefits!

You can use our Aloe Gel for:

  • Cuts and bruises⁠
  • Soothes stings and insect bites
  • Anti-irritant and soothing
  • Treats acne
  • Helps with sunburn relief⁠
  • Overall moisturizes and repairs the skin.